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Organic Greenhouse Farming

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And the benefits of organic farming extend beyond just bringing healthy food to our markets, according to Mission Network News. Farms International works to provide small, interest-free loans to families so they can generate a sustainable income by starting a business.

Joe Richter of Farms International explains that many of these projects are agricultural, and while experienced farmers can provide for their families through traditional farming, organic farming provides additional advantages. He says, “One difficulty farmers have always in third world and tropical areas, especially, is pest control which requires many times to use pesticides which are not only harmful to the environment but also to the people eating the food sometimes.” A way to avoid using pesticides is to grow crops in a greenhouse that is actually quite viable for poor families through the loan programs. The greenhouses also allow for a longer growing season for places like Moldova, and better control during the dry season in the Philippines. This allows the farmers to produce vegetables when they otherwise couldn’t. In addition, farming in greenhouses requires less land, less water, and in general, less input.

Organic produce is growing in popularity and demand. “People around the world are looking at their food more critically than maybe they used to, and they want a good product that isn’t grown with chemicals,” Richter explains.





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