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Communicating benefits to organic consumers

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The global organic cotton community was engaged in a lively discussion on “influencing consumer habits” from 24 February to 14 March. The aim of the dialogue was to collect ideas on how to communicate the benefits of organic cotton to consumers and therefore to influence the buying decision. In the focus of the debate were also to raise awareness and consumer education.

Sarah Compson (Soil Association) described the campaign Have you Cottoned On Yet?. Helvetass Swiss Intercooperation launched a campaign in 2009 together with Swiss retailers, providing an interactive map with shops that sell organic cotton garments, launching public discussions and running a poster campaign inviting consumers to ask for organic also when buying a t-shirt. Links to informative videos were shared: Planet Money makes a t-shirt; the Story of Organic Cotton (in Chinese)  and I Choose Organic Cotton made by Textile Exchange. More information as well as links to other campaigns and for further downloads are available here.





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