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Prince Charles` Warnings

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Prince Charles was speaker at the 70th anniversary of Soil Association

Picture Soil Association© : Prince Charles was speaker at the 70th anniversary of Soil Association 

Prince Charles has warned that the ‘very future of humanity’ may depend on organic farming. Speaking as he celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Soil Association in London, the heir to the throne insisted that eco-friendly practices, which had once seemed so controversial, were now backed by ‘sound science’.

And he warned that they may be our only hope of reversing the drastic damage being caused to the environment, which could see large swathes of farmland destroyed forever ‘within sixty harvests’.

Charles, who has long practised organic farming himself as well as being an advocate of it, told his audience: “So Ladies and Gentlemen, it is becoming ever clearer that the very future of humanity may depend to a very large extent on a mainstream transition to more sustainable farming practices, based of course on organic principles. Yet despite the extraordinary efforts of the Soil Association, including the work of the individuals and organizations in this room and of many others throughout the world, in terms of impact on the planet and public health, things have actually got worse, not better, with the majority of farmland still in so-called conventional production, and the organic market still small and relatively fragile”, quote the media.

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