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New report on seed freedom

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The need for a report on seed freedom grew out of the process of the collective writing of Dr. Vandana Shiva, Ruchi Shroff and Caroline Lockhart on the state of GMOS in 2011 “The GMO Emperor Has No Clothes”, according to the authors of the new report.

To create food and agriculture systems that are chemical-free and GMO-free, it is necessary to begin with the seed. At the local level, hundreds of communities, networks and organizations and millions of seed keepers and seed defenders are saving seeds, working to protect and keep seeds free and fighting laws that undermine seed sovereignty. However, at the global level it is the corporate control that is shaping the future of the seed. The authors of the new report are determined to change this by joining forces through creating a Global Citizens Alliance for Seed Freedom and ‘connect the dots’ of the many voices around the globe to add strength to the movement to keep seed free. The report is a first step towards building this alliance.

The new report was written through a participatory process by over a 100 individuals, communities, networks and organizations. It takes stock of the erosion of seed and seed sovereignty and the deepening seed emergency. It combines stories from seed savers with those from seed defenders. It captures both the history of past initiatives for liberating the seed as well as creative alternatives which are shaping a future beyond monocultures and monopolies towards diversity and the commons. The authors realize that there are many individuals, grassroots organizations and networks engaged in the vital work of liberating the seed whom they do not yet know and hope through the process of building the movement globally they will reach out to each other and strengthen the common work. The report is available here.

Seed Freedom aims to alert people, communities, institutions and governments of the serious risk to the future of the world’s seed and food security and what must be done to reverse it. The first objective is self-empowerment of citizens who are aware that they have the power to liberate the seed and themselves. The second objective is to have empowered citizens put pressure on governments and institutions to roll back patents on seeds and seed laws that take away seed freedom. The third objective is to pass laws for seed freedom. More information is available here: Seed Freedom campaign




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