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Soil Association round table: food in the workplace

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A round table organised by the Soil Association discussed the role of food provision in strategies for wellbeing and sustainability with heads of corporate social responsibility and caterers from leading businesses.

According to the article by Premises and Facilities Management Online heads of corporate social responsibility and caterers from leading businesses discussed benefits to staff, businesses and the environment from the establishment of good food policies. The discussion identified the following key motives to improve workplace catering:
· Alignment of company values;
· Company reputation;
· Wider awareness of health and healthy eating;
· Added value brought of an independent verification such as the Soil Association’s Food for Life Catering Mark.

CSR head Peter Hughes said: “Pearson has very clear values that have been in place for some time. Our staff as a group care about health and they care about the environment. So demand for catering is something that came from the grass roots – both driven by employees and driven by our values."

"Another main driver from our staff is about the environment; what can we do about sustainable sourcing, food miles, and offsetting carbon emissions. The Catering Mark by Soil Association brings together these issues within an independent verification that is easy to communicate within the company”, Hughes stated. Pearson was one of the first businesses to achieve a Food for Life Catering Mark in recognition of its more sustainable, ethical food choices in the canteen.

More information and case studies you can find  on the  Soil Association’s website Food for Life Catering Mark scheme


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