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Successful Natural Products Expo West

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What are the next top products and trends in the natural and organic sector? 77,000 people came together to answer that very question in Anaheim, California earlier this month to the Natural Products Expo West. According to site Fusion, it is the largest natural and organic trade show in the world and this year’s 36th annual event featured 3,000 exhibitors.

Top industry trends this year

Some top industry trends this year included:

  • Transparency: consumers want to know about sourcing, ingredients, and processing with additional information and labeling.
  • Convenience: snacks for a life on-the-go or easy, small meals.
  • Ancient foods: a resurgence of unprocessed or minimally processed grains, nutritious superfoods, and fermented ingredients.
  • Sustainability: an emphasis on food waste and plant-based foods that are popular for their efficiency and low impact.
  • values: consumers demand more and are seeking out mission- or purpose-driven companies.

Selection of top products

Here’s a selection of leading food picks from Natural Products Expo West:

  • Nutiva Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with organic ingredients and without hydrogenated oils or refined sugars.
  • Amy’s Kitchen Vegan Enchiladas: vegan, gluten free black bean-cheeze-veggie enchiladas.
  • Daily Greens Green Lemonade: Green juice and cayenne pepper combined into one bottle.
  • Snickerdoodle Cashew Milk Ice Cream ( by So Delicious: Smooth cinnamon vegan ice cream with chunks of decadent gluten-free cookie



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