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Successful Tribunal and Peoples Assembly – What’s next?

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Both the hearings of the Monsanto Tribunal and the parallel People’s Assembly were a great success. The victims are very happy that their voices have been heard, media coverage was positive especially in France and Germany, over 10,000 people in all continents watched parts of the livestream, many more were involved on social media and some 750 people from over 30 nationalities participated in these historic events in The Hague.

The legal opinion of the five independent judges is expected beginning of 2017

For those attending the very energetic People’s Assembly – the prosecutors in this Tribunal - it was clear that Monsanto is guilty of the violation of basic human rights. Now it is up to the five independent judges to give their legal opinion on this matter. They have indicated that they will need and take their time to come with a thoroughly founded advice that can be useful in other cases and in the discussion on the development of international law. The legal opinion will follow in spring (the beginning of 2017).

Stay updated on the Monsanto files, new publications and developments and the date chosen by the Judges to share their conclusions on the Monsanto Tribunal website and Twitter.

On Twitter from Argentina: Witness in Monsanto Tribunal harassed at University of Rosario in Argentina. Office closed, members of team that exposes effects of pesticides and GMOs fired.





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