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Summer Special

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Summer Special

You can now advertise for more than 8 weeks, and pay for only 6!

Summer Special Campaign at

With the Summer Special Offer, you can advertise from 1 August to 30 September. 

For example, place a skyscraper banner on the

- Start page – best presence

- News page – best frequency

- Report page – best dwell time

at, for 450 € instead of 900 € - you advertise for 2 whole months for the price of 6 weeks! - visitors worldwide

Graphics: - visitors worldwide (our readers are in the blue colored countries)

Take the chance and reach your target group-specific professionals in the organic industry via Every day actors in the industry all over the world get information on the web portal, more than 10,000 every month. Our Newsletter goes twice a week to over 7,500 addresses worldwide.

Here you'll find the media daten for our online media, with prices, booking possibilities, click rates, etc.

We'd love to make you an offer to suit your needs.
We'll be pleased to receive your booking enquiries about the Summer Special up to 25.7.2016.

Eva Seitz recently took over the banner administration at bio verlag from her colleague Ulrike Moser and she is delighted to be your contact for online advertising from now on.

Greetings from

Eva Seitz 

Online Marketing (

contact 2:


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