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Sustainable Foods in Catering & Foodservice Sector

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Sustainable foods are now well-established in many retailers, however what about the Catering & Foodservice Sector (CFS)? The North American edition of a Organic Monitor organised Sustainable Food Summit, hosted in San Francisco on 18-20th January will give answers. The early bird registration is extended to December 7.

Sustainable food systems, food ingredients, traceability & authenticity, and waste impacts are focal themes of the North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit. For the seventh consecutive year, the summit will be hosted in San Francisco.

With agriculture linked to some of the major ecological and social issues the planet faces, what solutions are provided by sustainable food systems? How can sustainable ingredients reduce environmental and / or health impacts of food products? What are best-practices in addressing food waste and packaging impacts? What can be done to improve supply chains and mitigate food fraud risks? Such questions will be addressed in a high-level forum.


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