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Swedish Midsona acquires the German company Davert

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Midsona has own  strong brands within healthfoods, personal care and hygiene holds a leading position in the Nordic organic market. The acquisition strengthens Midsona’s presence in the attractive organic foodsegment. Davert’s premium brand and product portfolio are highly complementary to Midsona’s existing organic brands.

The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm, Mid Cap.  The company has own  strong brands within healthfoods, personal care and hygiene like Urtekram, Kung Markatta, Helios, Soma  and furthermore Friggs, Dalblads, Miwana, Naturdiet and Eskimo-3.  In 2017 Midsona generates a revenue of 225 milllion Euro.

Midsona´s strategy to become a leader in Europe

According to a press release Midsona  has a clear strategy to become a leader in Europe. The acquisition of Davert is an important step in this direction: “Building on the successful expansion of our organic products business throughout the Nordic region, this transaction with Davert represents a logical next step and bridgehead into Europe”, says Peter Åsberg, CEO of Midsona. The total purchase price is approcimately 48.5 million Euro.

Davert will continue to operate as a separate entity, under the leadership of its Managing Director Erk Schuchhardt (watch the earlier video interview below) and his management team, informs Midsona. "We are delighted to be joining forces with Midsona, which I view as the perfect partner for Davert. The values and cultures of our companies are well aligned with shared strong beliefs in the importance of the environment, the critical need for sustainable food production and the benefits of organic food. We expect this combination to deliver meaningful benefits to our customers, business partners, consumers and employees“, says Erk Schuchhardt, CEO of Davert.

Davert is a pioneer in the organic food industry

Davert has approximately 150 employees, all of which are located at its facility in Ascheberg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Sales in 2017 were EUR 64 million. The company – founded by Rainer Welke in 1984 - is a pioneer in the organic food industry in Germany and a leading manufacturer and distributor of organic dry packaged food. The company is offering products under its own Davert brand as well as private label products. The portfolio includes a broad range of organic products in categories such as convenience products, snacks, superfoods & nuts, breakfast cereals, rice and pulses. Davert’s products are sold through various channels including grocery stores, drugstores, health food stores as well as to the food services industry.

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Video interview with Erk Schuchhardt, CEO of Davert








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