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The Organic Effect

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What happens when a family that usually doesn’t eat organic changes their diet to organic? The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute was commissioned by Coop Sweden to conduct a small survey on whether a switch from conventional to organic food can provide a measureable effect on the level of pesticides in the body. The study was conducted with a family with three children who usually do not eat organic food. The family first had to eat non-organically grown food, followed by organic food exclusively. Urine samples were taken from the family members throughout the period and their pesticide residue content was analysed.

The results of the survey have clearly shown that some organic pesticides are absorbed into the body through diet. By choosing organics, it is possible to avoid those. Compared with the period when the family consumed conventionally grown food, the concentration of pesticide residues decreased by a large factor when the family ate organics. Especially the children had lower concentrations during the period of organic food consumption. A film on the family, the report, as well as further information is available here.



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