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Trump´s Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

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A day before his inauguration as President Donald Trump announced his selection of former Georgia Republican Governor Sonny Perdue for Agriculture Secretary. Perdue is a doctor of veterinary medicine, and was a member of Trump’s agricultural advisory committee. Perdue grew up on a row farm in Central Georgia, and currently owns several agriculture-related businesses. He served two terms as governor of Georgia, from 2003 to 2011 Organic Trade Association writes in its news.  

Civil Eats published a pertinent article on this appointment, entitled “What’s at Stake for Ag Policy under Trump’s USDA Pick,” reflecting the views of spokespeople from a diverse range of agricultural sectors. Among others, Andy Kimbrell, Executive Director, Center for Food Safety says: „He’s a tool of the agribusiness and biotechnology industries. He’s also a climate change denier.

Katherine Paul, Associate Director, Organic Consumers Association: "Perdue has clearly not made the connection between industrial agriculture and global warming. Contrary to what Trump and Perdue would have us believe, [the industrial agriculture model] is not prosperous for small, rural farmers who each year are required to purchase more and more chemicals to fight the evolution of pesticide-resistant “super-weeds” and “super-pests.”


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