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UK: Workshop on Renerative Agriculture

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Two cows on a meadow
Symbol picture @ Pixabay/CallyL

From 4th to 8th February 2019, IFOAM EU and 42 Acres Retreat offer a training course on regenerative and organic agriculture development. From two expert trainers participants will about the following fields:

  • History, definition, and principles of regenerative agriculture
  • Regenerative agriculture practice
  • Integrated farming, cropping, and livestock.
  • Farm design and management
  • Farm to Fork: market and food systems
  • Support networks and structures
  • Regenerative agriculture in the world of regulation and policy

The course is aimed at providing both experienced practitioners as well as those who are new to the sector a comprehensive understanding of the principles underpinning regenerative agriculture and food systems:

  • Farmers
  • Farm managers
  • Agricultural advisors
  • Specialists and professionals working in the organic agriculture sector
  • Service providers in retail and processing
  • Actors in the private and public sector
  • Non-profit and civil society organisations
  • Advocates/lobbyists for truly sustainable food production or farming

The course is held at 42 Acres retreat centre in Somerset, England. For more information and registration please follow this link: Regenerative Agriculture Course.


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