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USA: CCOF certification seal highlights non-GMO status

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California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), a leader in organic certification, advocacy, and education in the USA, offers a new “Non-GMO & More” seal for its certified members. The seal underscores the prohibition of GMOs in organic and recognizes the many contributions of organic to a healthier world. CCOF created the “Non-GMO & More” seal to support its certified members and to better communicate with consumers.

GMOs are prohibited in organic production and organic certifiers ensure that certified operations avoid contact with GMOs. For example, CCOF conducts GMO testing as part of their Periodic Residue Sampling Program. “CCOF firmly believes that organic is the champion of non-GMO and is committed to working with the organic community to ensure the integrity of organic food,” stated Philip LaRocca, Chairman CCOF Inc. Board of Directors. CCOF-certified members may use the “Non-GMO & More” seal in any setting where they currently use the CCOF seal. More information is available here.


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