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USA: organic frontrunners in east and west

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The  east and west coasts in the United States have always been the country's organic strongholds. Especially in California, customers buy organic food more frequently than their counterparts in other federal states.

We can see from statistics for 2014 and 2015 that 10 states are responsible for 78 percent of the turnover of organic food, with California – accounting for 40 % of total organic turnover – in the lead. In 2015, this equated to roughly 2.4 billion US dollars (2.2 billion euros). California was followed by Washington, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Wisconsin and New York.

Total turnover in 2015 came to 43.3 billion US dollars (40.7 billion euros), 4.2 billion more than the year before. According to information from the American organic umbrella organisation Organic Trade Association (OTA), organic products were on sale in 75 percent of all supermarkets, the value of the turnover of organic food was nearly 40 billion US dollars (36 billion euros) and organic as a proportion of the total turnover of food in the USA was 5%. Young parents and people living in the urban conurbations are the major target group.


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