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USA: States sue EPA

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As the German television reported, Attorneys-at-Law from the states of New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, California, Washington and Maryland are suing the American Environmental Protection Agency EPA.

It is about the widespread insecticide chlorpyrifos whose residues have been detected in child feed and fruit. The pesticide can be proven to permanently damage the nervous system and brain of infants, children and pregnant women.

Controversial EPA chief  Pruitt admits pesticide

Despite existing studies and another decision by the current Obama administration, the EPA, headed by the controversial Scott Pruitt, left the pesticide chlorpyrifos without any restrictions. Pruitt refused to issue a limit for the detection of poison in food.

The action of the seven general attorneys-at-law is an open challenge to the environmental protection policy of the American president. The EPA has 60 days to react to the actions of the chief executors from the federal states. "If the Trump government breaks the law and does not protect our children, we will be back," says New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.


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