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USA: The Organic Coup opens new location in Seattle

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The Organic Coup Restaurant

The Organic Coup has opened several locations in the Western USA. (Photo © The Organic Coup)

The first USDA certified organic restaurant chain The Organic Coup will open another branch in Seattle’s Columbia Tower next month and a food truck is planned for the Microsoft campus. The Organic Coup, founded by Erica Welton and Dennis Hoover, is conceptualized to offer customers fast food free from synthetic chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and antibiotics.

The organic fast food chain, which has already launched several locations in the area of San Francisco and one in Bellevue, Washington, uses lots of alternatives to conventional food processing methods of other suppliers of fast food. Thus, at The Organic Coup the chicken is sanitized by using an air-chilling method, soda is made with cane sugar instead of GMO high-fructose corn syrup and the restaurants flash-fry with coconut oil. Co-founder Welton explained: "It's better for farmers. It's better for soil, the environment. It really is all-encompassing. It's more than just putting it in your body whether you're an environmentalist or you're concerned about your children. It helps with the water and air. If you're running a farm and you're spraying chemicals, all of that is leeching into water".


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