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Whole Foods: Amazon expands network of organic supermarkets in the US

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Whole Foods in Washington D.C.
Whole Foods was taken over by Amazon in 2017. © Karin Heinze

Amazon is expanding its network of organic supermarkets in the US, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The aim is to be able to supply more customers with fresh food, the newspaper reported, citing insiders. Currently, free areas in the northwest of the US, including Idaho, southern Utah and Wyoming, are being sought. Employees are currently travelling throughout the country for this purpose.

Der The world's leading online retailer also wants to offer to deliver food to customers within two hours at all of the approximately 475 locations of the Whole Foods food chain in the U.S., another insider said. Amazon also plans to open 3000 cashless supermarkets by 2021, according to a media report.

After the news of the expansion plans became public,'s shares rose by 1.62% to almost $1,501.97 on the Nasdaq.

In mid-2017, it was announced that the $730 heavy e-commerce and cloud computing company Amazon has bought up Whole Foods for $13.7bn and plans to increase the footprint of the organic chain on the US food market worth $800bn.


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