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Zwergenwiese promotes German organic agriculture

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The German company Zwergenwiese says that strengthening  organic agriculture and preserving a rich diversity of varieties play an important role when they buy raw materials. The company can now source 100 percent of blackberries and black currants from agriculture in Germany.

As well as mustard seed from Lower Saxony and Hesse, horseradish from Franconia and lupin beans from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Zwergenwiese gets a lot of fruit and berries for its fruit spreads from regional and German agriculture. The company goes on to say that for quite some time it has been obtaining all its strawberries, apples, rhubarb, blueberries and sea buckthorn from North Germany.

And now all the  blackberries and black currants it needs can be sourced from growers in Germany. They are working on other products as well and Zwergenwiese tells us they now have a new grower of garlic. On an organic farm in Saxony all the garlic is grown for the manufacturer.

The company goes on to say that under the motto: “Our raw materials have a home!“  Zwergenwiese promotes the development of organic farming in Germany. Fair prices for growers, short transport distances, experience and passion for growing play a big part in its mission.

On its new  website  Zwergenwiese introduces the growers and their farms.





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