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UK: Shoppers still support organic food

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A new consumer research, conducted by the IGD grocery industry think tank, revealed that 19 % of all UK shoppers stayed loyal to organic food and drink and maintained their expenditure. A further 9 % said they would buy more organic food when they had more money to spend. 10 % of shoppers, however, stated they had found other products that were cheaper but still provided the same perceived benefits, Talking Retail reports. 8 % of the surveyed focused their organic spend on fewer products when thinking these really made a difference, and another 8 % stated they were not sure what organic stood for. 41 % of the interviewees claimed they had never been interested in organics.

IGD chief executive Joanne Denney-Finch said there remained a strong core of dedicated organic shoppers, regardless of the economy. She continued that consumers tended to be younger and more affluent. However, Ms Denney-Finch pointed out that there still were some challenges. Consumers who turned away from organics did not perform a total turn on ethics. They tried to find value for their money in products that met high animal welfare standards, for example, or in local foods and Fairtrade. In her opinion, communicating the range of benefits in organic food in a clear and compelling manner would allow shoppers to be able to weigh up the value for themselves.

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