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Spain: Organic farming booms in Asturias

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Organic farming is gaining ground in Asturias, especially for meat, vegetables, nuts, honey and to a lesser extent for goat’s, cow’s and ewe’s milk. In times of crisis, organic farming has emerged as a real life insurance for farmers and cattle breeders. Consumers with high purchasing power and with some specific demands for quality make sales barely suffer, Ecoticias reports. "We offer the same as before," says Hyginus White, a pioneer in the industry. Asturias has jumped on the organic bandwagon has taken the high speed train to gain lost time. The results show into a massive increase in hectares under organic production. In 2007, there were 6080, now there are 13,649 hectares of organic land.

This growth is not accidental. Is a due to aid for organic meat breeding of indigenous breeds. In 2007, there were 85 organic beef cattle producers in Asturias, now there are 300. For Javier Gonzalez, president of the Regulatory Board for Ecological Agriculture, this is a clear sign. "Ecological culture is growing in Asturias”. Data supports his optimism. Mr Gonzales also emphasises the importance of fairs dedicated to organic products. One was recently held in Llanera, which already celebrated its eighth edition. 38 producers attended, of which 18 were from Asturias. One of the "stars" of this year was organic beef steak. Javier Gonzalez indicates that Asturias distributes and consumes basically all organic production that are generated. In the rest of the communities there is higher output and sometimes it becomes a problem sending perishable goods in different countries in Europe. In the Principado of Asturias, there are 33 outlets, mostly butchers, selling directly to customers.




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