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Czech Republic: Consumers bought organics worth 52 mio € in 2008

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Czechs bought organic food worth more than 52 million € in retail chains last year – an increase of 18 million € compared with 2007, raising the market share of retail chains by 6.5 % to 74 %, according to Green Marketing. The appearance of private brands at the turn of 2007/2008 was observed at the same time, Tom Vaclavik states. Private retail brands are responsible for over 30 % of organic food offered by retail chains. Tesco hypermarkets have the widest offer of their own brand, which comprises 108 different items, followed by Interspar's Natur pur with 98 items. Albert Bio has 60 items available, Rossmann 49 items and Billa offered 40 items in July 2009, Ekoconnect reports. In June this year, supermarkets, hypermarkets, discount outlets and chemists shops in the Czech Republic offered over 1,300 organic food items. Czechs also spent close to 13 million € in health and organic food stores last year, 11 % more than in 2007. Their turnover lagged significantly behind the growth of the whole organic market (40 %). "Since 2005, they have lost 19 % of the market turnover," says Tom Vaclavik.

Last year, organic food worth 1 million € was sold directly on farms and on farmers’ markets. Czechs also spent 430,000 € on organic food in restaurants. Baked goods were the fastest-growing organic food category last year - sales rose by more than 340 %. The turnover of organic fruit and vegetables increased by 61 % to 4.4 million €. Czech manufacturers exported organic food valued at 70.5 million Euros last year, 45 % more than in 2007. Exported goods mainly went to Slovakia, Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe. Mainly unprocessed organic products such as cereals and beef cattle went to Western Europe. Czech consumers spent 70.5 million Euros on organic food in 2008 - 0.75 % of the total food consumption. The number of registered organic food producers grew from 176 to 429 in the same year. In June 2009, more than 2,500 organic farmers were active in the Czech Republic, working on more than 10 % of the farmland in the country. Despite this growth, over 50 % of the total turnover is still achieved through imported organic products.




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