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Prices for organics in France

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Organic food in France is gaining more and more popularity, but is quite costly, as a recent study by the food retail magazine Linéaires has revealed. Price comparisons of over 600 products in four of the country's largest retailers - Carrefour (picture), Intermarché, Leclerc and Géant Casino – in October showed that organic products were on average 72 % more expensive than their conventional equivalents, The Independent reports.
At least one out of three products was more expensive. Topping the list were deli and catering goods with a premium of up to 95 %, followed by fresh fruits and vegetables (90 %), confectionary (73 %), and snacks (73 %), and dairy products (57 %).

According to a representative of the retail consulting company Dashkoma, organic labels are of interest to urban, mature and affluent consumers, who are able pay more for their food and who are not looking too closely at the labels. Sales of organics in France are reaching 2.6 billion euros, and the market is expected to increase. The French market forecaster Institut Precepta expects a further growth up to 10 % by 2012.

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