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Organic Copenhagen

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Sales of organics in Copenhagen are dramatically rising and more restaurants, cafes and hotels are getting involved in the sector. The private sector’s purchase of organis is more than 10 %, and 45 % of all food consumed in institutions is organic, which is world’s record. The strategy “Environment Metropolis – Our Vision 2015” has set targets for organic consumption up to 90 % by 2015 in all of the city’s institutions. For private businesses and households, purchase and consumption is expected to reach at least 20 %. Copenhagen became Denmark’s first Fair Trade City in 2008.

Bio Mio, Soupanatural, Biom and Restaurant Cap Horn are just some of the cafes and restaurants offering organics. Various organic delicatessens and shops also offer high-quality, healthy food. Copenhagen also has its first organic supermarket, Egenfeld, now. Organics can be found at organic farms and on markets located in the region. offers a list of locations with links.

At the United Nations Climate Conference from Dec 7 to 18, sustainability is one of the main focal points when it comes to providing catering. Besides ensuring healthy, tasty and reasonably priced food, Denmark has chosen to guarantee a minimum of 65 % organic food and beverages including Fair Trade products like coffee and tea.


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