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UK: Forest Green Rovers offer eco-food for fans

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Forest Green Rovers has launched Britain’s first environmentally sustainable menu for football fans. Offering locally sourced, predominantly vegetarian, eco-friendly food is part of Rovers strategy to create Britain’s most sustainable football club – but the changes are also about health and taste, FGR reports.

FGR Chairman Dale Vince said: “Food is really important for our bodies’ performance but is generally overlooked by people – even in the world of professional football. Forest Green Rovers began this journey 12 months ago by changing what we fed the players but it’s just as important to us what we fed our fans. Forest Green Rovers want to lead the way both on and off the field. Football fans are a large and passionate audience, and first and foremost we want to win for our fans but we also want to win over fans to the idea of greater sustainability in sport and in life.” Sausage rolls and pies are now replaced with alternatives by Cirencester caterers Relish, including rainbow kobez wrap, with pumpkin hummus, grated beets and grated carrot; polenta chips with chilli and thyme; steak mushrom, swede, leek & real ale in short crust pie. 

The Gloucestershire club is working with the Soil Association to achieve its “Food for Life” Catering Mark. This gold standard means 30 % of the food served must be organic and 50 % local sourced. Forest Green is becoming a test-bed for the Sustainability in Sport foundation, established by Mr. Vince and former Manchester United player Gary Neville in May this year  with the mission of ‘greening up sport’.

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