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Scotland: Organic meat in demand

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Organic livestock producers in Scotland are encouraged to take advantage on the demand for organic beef and lamb, The Scottish Farmer reports. The Scottish Organic Producers Association has called for organic producers of red meat to look to the future, as supplies tighten for their products.

Debs Roberts of the SOPA was cited that contrary to some perceptions, the current market signals were clear – that there was a continuing market for organic beef and lamb, and that the market was prepared to pay a price premium too. Analysis of on-farm beef and lamb numbers showed a tightening of supply ahead too, according to Ms Roberts – they had seen a consistent demand for cattle numbers that has not changed in the past year. “While the organic premium is strong, organic livestock producers should take advantage of this strong market before supply dries up and retailers seek seasonal alternatives.”

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