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UK: Food for Life Partnership - continued Big Lottery funding

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The Food for Life Partnership has been awarded further funding of £ 1 million as part of an initiative by the Big Lottery Fund to support its grantholders in the tough economic environment, the Soil Association reports. More information about the impact of the Food for Life Partnership in its first five years of funding by the Big Lottery Fund is available here.

Libby Grundy, director of the Food for Life Partnership said, "We are delighted that the power of the Food for Life Partnership programme has been recognised by the Big Lottery Fund, and we look forward to expanding our model that we know is changing young people’s life chances. The future of the Food for Life Partnership lies in continuing the growth of our national programme through locally commissioned models. This grant will enable us to work with local authorities who now have responsibility for public health and new partners to develop the programme. Our national partnership of four charities - Soil Association, Focus on Food CampaignHealth Education Trust, and Garden Organic - can flexibly accommodate new partners at a local level, where they are best placed to deliver any one or more aspects of the programme. We are currently working to develop commissioning models and are pleased to announce the first three confirmed pioneer areas are Devon, Lincolnshire and Calderdale. We look forward to working with them to deliver their local agendas around public health and extending our pioneer group.”

According to long-time supporter Jamie Oliver, the expertise and the passion and the whole school approach that the Food for Life Partnership has is "absolutely leading the way at the front line of the fight against obesity". Over 4,300 schools enrolled on the programme are growing their own food; organising trips to farms; sourcing food from local bakers, butchers and farmers; setting up school farmers’ markets; holding community food events; providing cooking and growing clubs for pupils and their families; and serving freshly prepared, locally sourced meals that follow a Food for Life Catering Mark. Schools are embedding food education into their curriculum, and a focus on ‘pupil voice’ means pupils take ownership and decide their own priorities. More information is available here.

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