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Italy: inspired by herbal cosmetics

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According to the Natural Cosmetics Report 2012, Italy is one of the top 5 markets for natural beauty care in Europe. Information from the Italian cosmetic association Unipro of Milan shows that the total cosmetics market in 2011 reached a volume of around 9.6 billion euros. Naturally inspired cosmetics have also been established for a long time in Italy.

However, it is often the case that no distinction is made between certified natural cosmetics and naturally inspired products. The estimates of sales therefore differ by correspondingly large amounts, Vivaness reports. Experts estimate that the market for certified natural cosmetics reached a volume of between 280 and 290 million euros and a market share of about 3 %. Unipro estimates sales of natural beauty care in 2012 at about 400 million euros. (Picture: Advertisement for an Erboristeria in Rome)
A major sales channel for phyto cosmetics and natural beauty care in Italy is provided by the Erboristerias (drugstores). Pharmacies and the Bottega Verde chain also offer green cosmetic ranges. The Coop Italia food chain, which has already listed a large selection of organic food for a long time, is currently launching a natural cosmetic brand called Vivi Verde on the market. Certified natural cosmetics are sold primarily via organic food shops and organic supermarkets. Besides “made in Italy” brands and similar from neighbouring countries, Italy’s major organic food wholesaler Ecor offers its retail trade customers its own certified label.


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