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Ecofriendly guest amenity for hotel industry

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The French Groupe GM has been a leading international player in the guest amenity industry for 40 years. The company which designs, produces and distributes cosmetics and accessories for the hospitality industry in over 70 countries across every continent, distributes a portfolio of over 30 brands. In 2010, Groupe GM started with several organic and natural cosmetic lines. The company is dedicated to an environment friendly product policy: two of the factories in Europe conform to Ecocert standards, and all bottles and caps are made from 100 % recyclable materials.

The new products from the California-based cosmetic company Get Fresh are also environmentally friendly. The Get Fresh products collection developed by Groupe GM uses paraben free, phthalate free, silicone-free, GMO free formulas. The products have been dermatologically tested and have not been tested on animals. The dispensers are developed from recyclable materials.

"Groupe GM’s international presence and experience in the hospitality industry is a great asset to Get Fresh and gives a boost to our development," said Jim Palladino, President of Get Fresh. "In order to preserve our planet's resources, we are delighted to launch a new line of hospitality products with our longstanding partner that shares our core values ​​and develops eco-friendly products using natural formulas and recyclable components."

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