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Soil Association Scotland welcomes Glasgow 2014 Food Charter

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Soil Association Scotland has welcomed the release of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Food Charter, and is pleased to have played their part in its development. The charter places high importance on ethical, responsible and environmentally sustainable food sourcing with an emphasis on provenance, traceability, animal welfare and no GM; as well as seasonal, local and healthy food. Promoting good food for all is at the heart of the Soil Association’s approach, through their programmes like Food for Life Scotland and the Food for Life Catering Mark. As a long standing advocate of the organic food and farming sector, the Soil Association Scotland is pleased the Food Charter encourages caterers to include organic choices, and encourages any caterer to get in touch with them for information on organic supply. (Picture: Soil Association Scotland Director Laura Stewart)

“The Commonwealth Games will have a far reaching effect on the people of not only Glasgow, but Scotland and the UK more broadly. It is important the legacy it leaves behind is a healthy and sustainable one for all of us. The Food Charter should encourage a good example during the Games, but in the longer term we are keen to see our cities and communities setting similar food charters, strategies and goals for themselves. The Sustainable Food Cities Network is available to all. Edinburgh is already working hard on this through Edible Edinburgh and I encourage others to get involved by signing up to join the movement and improve the food systems and culture in their own cities,” Laura Stewart, Soil Association Scotland Director, explains.

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