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Fragrance allergens: Cosmebio deplores the confusion

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The EU Commission has just published its proposed measures designed to enhance the protection of consumers against potential fragrance allergens: some of these allergens will be banned, whereas others will be subject to compulsory individual labelling, as is already the case for 26 allergens.

The conclusion seems to have been drawn that organic cosmetics will be the most affected by this new regulation, on the pretext that natural essential oils are sometimes used to perfume organic cosmetics. This conclusion stems from the rumour that organic cosmetics are potentially more allergenic than standard cosmetics because of this alleged use of essential oils. This information is inaccurate, Cosmebio reports. As a matter of fact the three molecules to be banned have never been used in organic cosmetics since the current methods used for extracting / synthesizing these molecules have always been strictly banned by the quality standard for ecological and organic cosmetics.   

The truth is that this new regulation will essentially affect luxury household names, most of whom tend to use complex chemical formulas for perfuming their cosmetics. Certified natural and organic cosmetics aim to meet consumer demand for safe cosmetics. For this reason, Cosmebio fully approves the proposed measures for amending the European regulation on cosmetic products (CE N°1223/2009). The association will be participating in the public consultation in order to express its reservations, namely those tied to new labelling requirements which might be confusing for consumers. More information is available from Cosmebio



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