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New Green Formulations Masterclass in Paris

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A new Masterclass aims to promote the use of green ingredients in personal care applications. Taking place at the Trocadero Business Center in Paris on 25 June 2014, the one-day training programme will feature novel and emerging green ingredients and tackle their associated formulation issues. Organised by Organic Monitor, the Masterclass has been designed to encourage cosmetic brands and ingredient firms to use green materials. A range of green alternatives are now available to synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, surfactants, thickeners and stabilisers in cosmetic applications. By discussing their technical issues and providing practical advice, the Masterclass aims to encourage the use of such green materials.
The first part of the Masterclass will give an update on new and emerging green ingredients. After an introductory seminar by Organic Monitor, Symrise will explore the opportunities provided by marine-based ingredients. Tony Gough from Innospec will discuss developments in green emulsifiers and surfactants. What are the most cost-effective green alternatives to SLS and SLES in personal care applications? Other papers will discuss green materials for thickeners and stabilisers, and developing paraben-free cosmetic formulations. With many brands still grappling to formulate certified products, an update will be given on popular natural & organic cosmetic standards. CosmeBio and Ecocert will state the technical and raw material requirements of the Cosmos standard, whilst Dr. Mark Smith will give an update on the Natrue standard. Organic Monitor will then present its latest findings on the European market for natural & organic cosmetics, stating the differences in standards and market developments between countries.
In the second part of the Masterclass, Judi Beerling, Technical Research Manager of Organic Monitor, will give a dedicated workshop on green actives. Many brands are turning to green actives for innovation; however their use brings technical hurdles. The workshop will give details of popular classes of green actives and their functionality in cosmetic applications. The interactive session will go through pragmatic solutions to common problems faced by formulators and product developers when using green materials. 
Since 2008, Organic Monitor has been hosting Natural Cosmetic Masterclasses and workshops at various international locations that include London, Nuremberg, Bologna, Barcelona, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong. More details on the Natural Cosmetics Masterclass in Paris this month are on 



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