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A Turn to Organic Farming in India

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Food grown on natural resources has not made too many customers in India. The Indian author Chandrakant Rathi is one of those. Probably, this is encouraging small farmers to join the slow food movement. The farmers in the village Ramgarh are preparing crop beds for sowing 25 varieties of pulses and lentils to be sown along with herbal medicines. Seasonal vegetables are treated with green manure instead of spraying. In India, organic food is at least 25 % more expensive than chemically produced food, reports, since the level of production is a lot smaller. Only 0.03 per cent of India’s cultivable land - about 40,000 hectares - is farmed organically due to the fact that resources like manure, fertilisers and compost are lacking. The Indian Government initiated the National Program on Organic Production under the Ministry of Agriculture to promote organic farming – hoping that the cost of organic products will decrease.



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