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A day of promotion - the organic sector meets “Banca Etica”

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

As Bollettino Bio and Ecor report, specialised stores all over Italy had a “day of sensitisation” to an alternative economy promoted by “Banca Etica” and Ecor. Informative literature was distributed on the subject of ethical financing, and free copies of the monthly “Valori” were given away at various selling points on April 22. But what does organic have to do with ethical financing? Banca Etica is the only credit institution in Italy which exclusively finances initiatives  which are of social relevance, among which the protection of the environment and organic production  have become more and more prominent in recent years. Ecor is the largest Italian company distributing organic products.


Behind this promotion was the awareness that “organic” cannot be separated from social topics and the respect for human rights. Fabio Salviato, President of Banca Etica, stated that in almost all of Europe, ethical financing was born out of the sensitivity of ecologists. According to Fabio Brescacin, President of Ecor SPA, this promotion had two goals. One of these was to present Banca Etica’s principles to organic consumers; the other was to provide another opportunity to introduce “organic” to those who were already familiar with the bank.



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