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Aname Vio - certified organic cosmetics from Argentina

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In Argentina, organic production has also reached cosmetics with the company Aname Vio. The company has developed the first fully organic cosmetic line in the country that has been sold since 2010. "We have extensive experience in the cosmetics industry and take into consideration that nature takes care of you with wisdom," says Grace Ceballos. Before entering the natural cosmetics market, the entrepreneur has worked in a traditional cosmetics company for 17 years. She is convinced that the organic represents more than a trend.

Aname Vio is produced entirely in the Argentina, mainly with certified organic local products, although some ingredients must be imported, such as shea butter from the Karité tree that grows wild in a wide area of central Africa. Local organic raw materials used in the products include aloe vera, honey, olive oil, alcohol and rosehip. Cranberry is an important ingredient for one of their lines, because it offers everything a skin needs: it is rich in amino acids, vitamins, oleic acid, omega 6 and omega 9 and antioxidants.

The firm regularly participates in international fairs to promote the products. Their next presence will be at BioFach America in Baltimore from 26 – 28 September 2013. Even though the lines mainly target the international market, the domestic market is also showing an increased interest. Aname Vio cosmetics are sold in Argentina and the USA - in supermarkets, organic stores, spas and beauty centers as well as via Amazon, Ebay and other websites. The products will be launched on the market in Germany soon and enter the Asian markets next year. The company is preparing to sell to Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Panama too.

95% of the ingredients sourced are organic. The products are certified by the Argentinian OIA (Organización Internacional Agropecuaria) and USDA (NOP standard). The Argentinean Organic Regulation is equivalent to the European Union Organic Standards. More information on Aname Vio is available here:


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