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„BioBenessere“- The Project Started in Europe

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As BioBenessere reports, they presented themselves in Nuremburg and Copenhagen to a broad and qualified audience of authorities, buyers, opinion leaders and journalists.


About 11.000 days of promotion were spent in selling points and in specialized stores with a total of 2.100.000 contacts altogether. BioBenessere appeared more than 150 times in magazines and daily newspapers and more than 100 times on television and radio. About 500.000 contacts were made by participating in meetings and conferences and at the most important fairs of the sector. These are the positive results of the first year’s activities by Pro.B.E.R. After debuting in Italy in 2005, “BioBenessere” arrived in Europe. Recently, this project was presented in Nuremberg, Germany, at a gala during the most important fair of the sector in Europe, BioFach, and in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“The priorities of the project”, underlines the president of Pro.B.E.R., Paolo Carnemolla, “are to give more information about organic productions, to encourage new customers to use organic products, to satisfy existing customers and to raise the consumption of organic products. Furthermore, it is important to increase the private and collective consumption of organic products and to improve the knowledge of organic principles among the customers. Access to natural products as elements of wellbeing for the environment and the society should be available and the European norms which apply for this method of production and the control should be known by the public.”

BioBenessere was developed in 36 months with a total investment of 7.5 Million of Euro, financed 50 % by the European Union, 20 % by the Italian government and 30 % by Pro.B.E.R.. Their common goal is to diversify and integrate a communication initiative mainly to reach consumers, families, schools and public cafeterias.


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