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British secretary of state critisized

by Redaktion (comments: 0)


David Miliband, the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has described organic produce as a lifestyle choice. He explained the rise of organics as existing but insisted that food grown with the use of pesticides and other chemicals should not be regarded as second-best by shoppers. These comments came as a blow to the organic food industry, which is keen to obtain official recognition of the nutritional and environmental benefits. Organic food does not contain many of the additives and shows to have higher levels of vitamins and minerals and also shows clear benefits for wildlife and brings lower pollution for the environment. For example, about 350 pesticides are allowed in conventional farming. These comments are disappointing, but fortunately not the view of his department. For more than a decade, the ministry has been paying farmers to convert to organic production in recognition of its benefits.


Organic farmers and associations have hit back at the statements of the Secretary of State. Pete Glanville of the Shetland Organic Producers Group commented that producer of his group were dedicated to be free of chemicals. If looking at the list of things included in conventional food, he continued, it was easy to realize how much we were NOT putting into our bodies by eating organic.



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