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Kerry expands organic product range

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Kerry has announced that as a response to the growth of organics in the US, the company will expand its organic ingredient product range across the board. Flavours, cereals, cheese & dairy, lipids, proteins, seasonings and sweet ingredients (picture: sugar) will be affected to provide food and beverage manufacturers the support and expertise needed to succeed in the growing natural and organics marketplace, reports The expansion will provide ingredients for applications including beverages, soups and sauces, meat products, infant formulas and snacks.


This comes at a time when food and beverage manufacturers face difficulties to secure supplies of organic ingredients. According to a recent report by Organic Monitor, undersupply of organic ingredients was undermining the long-term stability of the sector. The shortages were most evident in North America, therefore organic ingredients were increasingly being imported from abroad.


Kerry began entering the organic marketplace in the year 2000 by launching Nutriant, a line of natural soy flours, grits and oil. The company has certified organic production lines in 18 facilities.




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