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Lidl demands fewer pesticides

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Germany’s second largest discount chain wants to force their suppliers of fruit and vegetables to reduce the amount of pesticides in their products drastically. The residues have to be clearly under the maximum quantity allowed by law, stated Klaus Gehring, Chief Executive of Lidl, towards the magazine Focus. Whoever offends against these strict internal requirements will be warned. If continued, business connections could be discontinued. This new line is initiated because the organization Greenpeace has proved Lidl the highest amount of pesticides among all discounters.


After publication of the Greenpeace study in December, Lidl’s turnovers decreased. A painful experience, Mr. Gering said. At the same time, he promised to continue the recently launched sales of organic fruit and vegetables and of “Transfair” products, since markets can be moved by this action. According to a spokesman of Greenpeace, Southern European representatives of growers’ associations have complained towards Greenpeace: “They are very angry since we have brought Lidl to this new line”.


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