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Macro opened its seventh store in Australia

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Macro can be proud of its new organic supermarket and café on 1,000 square meters, located at Westfield Hornsby, Sydney. More shoppers are able to choose from a large selection of organic foods now. The owner Pierce Cody stated he believed that Macro represented the future of food, with more and more consumers calling on retailers to consider their role in the responsible service and production of food.


Macro supplies healthy, chemical-free food, produced and packaged locally using responsible and sustainable methods. This will be the company's seventh store nationally, and their second opening in a shopping centre after Macro’s phenomenal debut in a shopping center at Glen Waverly in March. The opening of a stand alone store at Concord in Sydney’s suburbs will take place on January 23rd.


The organic industry in Australia is currently valued at over $ 350 million annually and expected to grow up to 30 % this year.




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