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Natrue/IBD: Agreement on alignment and recognition of standards

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Natrue and IBD have joined forces to protect and promote authentic natural and organic cosmetic products through the signing of an agreement on the alignment and mutual recognition of their respective standards. This agreement will bring unparalleled benefits to the sector; strengthening both organizations which are driven by the same passion, values and ethics. Whilst Natrue represents global leaders of authentic natural and organic cosmetics, Brazil is one of the top three cosmetic markets and IBD is globally renowned for the certification of not only natural, organic and biodynamic products but also in the field of sustainability.

The agreement comprises two phases: Phase 1: Under the agreement, all natural and organic cosmetic products certified to the Natrue label (raw materials, formulas and finished products) may automatically receive the “IBD natural ingredients seal” without undergoing additional certification or costs – only a seal fee for use of the IBD label will be charged. Whilst organic certification for cosmetic and body care products in Brazil is currently prohibited – once this prohibition is lifted, this certification will be extended to organic certification in accordance with Brazilian legislation taking into consideration the necessary adaptations for the future Brazilian standard. Phase 2: IBD has aligned its criteria to that of the Natrue label for those products intended to be exported. As soon as operators have adjusted their line to these criteria, the Natrue label will automatically be awarded to IBD certified natural and organic cosmetic products without undergoing additional certification costs – only a seal fee for use of the Natrue label will be charged. Natrue certification will enable IBD certified products to make an organic claim under the Natrue label at an international level. The Agreement has been operational as of 1st April 2014 – information will be made available on both the Natrue and IBD websites. More information is available from Natrue



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