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Organic Agriculture Will Start in Armenia in 2007

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The year 2007 will be a starting year for the formation of organic agriculture in Armenia, RA Minister of Agriculture David Lokyan stated at his meeting with Romanian experts in organic agriculture. According to him, organic agriculture is an all-important strategic direction for Armenia's agrarian sector. The Minister pointed out the importance of this type of economy for Armenia's farmer because of small areas. According to him, this type of economy may help resolve the problem of competition with other countries. "We face certain difficulties in competition, particularly with Iran and Turkey. So steps have been made in this direction for about two years," the Minister said. Lokyan believes that it is time for Armenia to consume "wholesome food."

Lokyan stressed that "organic agriculture will allow Armenia's farms to receive additional profits from their small land-plots." In this context, he pointed out the importance of studying the experience of the former Soviet countries, which can produce positive results. A delegation of Romanian experts in organic agriculture arrived in Armenia on August 9, 2006, under a grant program "Days of organic agriculture in Romania and Armenia" implemented by the "Green Lane" NGOs.


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