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Organic Cod Farming on the Shetlands

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Britons eat 300,000 tons of cod a year - it also was the traditional ingredient for “fish and chips” until overfishing led to decreasing stocks in the North Sea. It is on the list of fish to avoid and many shoppers have stopped buying it altogether. A Scottish director of a fish farm has launched a new project on the Shetland Islands – hatcheries of cod. He claims to have developed a way of economically successful and also environmentally sensitive keeping. The cod is first generation fish, kept in pens with room to move and the possibility to keep busy with ropes and other artefacts. The owner states that due to his fish is very tasty. It has already been sold to the US and customers are eager to pay high prices for it. Now, the cod is also available in Tesco stores and will soon be at Sainsbury’s in the UK. Fish farming, however, has also its bad sides. Critics say that there is a high risk of diseases in farming, reports the Sunday Times. Most people think of organic as natural conditions, but it is questionable if large cod farming can be considered as that.,,2090-2208149,00.html



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