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Organic Market Place in Turkey

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Four villages in Buca, Izmir, had joined their forced to farm their land organically. This land is part of the environmentally protected Tahtali Dam basin. The villages have united as the Buca Villages Organic Olive and Olive Oil Project, covering nearly 1,625 (650 hectares) acres operated by 260 farmers. This is the largest area in Turkey for organic farming. The project had already been launched in 2004.


Now there are plans for a large expansion to secure the community’s livelihood for the future. Production centres are set up, for example the 40 ton daily capacity olive oil factory. The four villages together have capacity to produce 100 to 150 tons of oil. Alongside, showrooms and sale counters will be set up. Also an olive packaging and a soap production facility are planned.


Projects to make the region an eco-tourism centre are developed by implementing the Organic Market Project as a meeting place for producers and consumers. Organic products of this region have been displayed at many domestic fairs, where consumers have shown their interest to buy the organic products directly. There are plans to open the way for eco-tourism. A multi-purpose amphitheatre within the place, an open cinema, cafes and open stands and shops with organic products will be set up to attract the public.


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