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Organic Wines in the UK

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

Once only to be found in specialized stores, organic wine has made its way to the supermarkets, which stock more labels than ever before. Some producers are even turning out biodynamic wines, informally called “Organic Plus”. Of course, this has meant increased costs – but with more producers, competition is forcing the prices down.


Sainsbury’s reports an increase of almost 500 percent in 2005. It is planned to expand the range before Christmas. Helen McEvoy, the supermarket chain’s organic wine buyer, stated that this growth has been driven by customers but also by wineries giving it more focus. Because of this increased attention, it is possible to get a high quality wine for less than £ 5 (about 7.5 Euro) from countries as wide spread as Chile, France and South Africa. Customers are aware of the fact that organic wines are worthy competitors and perfectly acceptable. Sainsbury's So Organic range includes Chardonnay, Shiraz, Chilean Merlot, Valpolicella, Sauvignon Torrontes and Pinot Grigio. The most popular wine is Pinot Grigio, sales increased four-fold since its launch last year. Valpolicella’s sales have doubled in the same period.


Waitrose reports a seven percent rise in sales. It stocks 14 red and seven white wines, a champagne and a rose. The sales of Fleury Pere et Fils Brut Champagne are eleven percent up year on year.  A spokesman of Majestic stated it was steadily expanding its range with the aim to bring the total to 10 before Christmas - the Adobe Chilean Merlot has been the most popular so far. 


Vintage Roots has been an organic wine specialist for the past 20 years, stocking 300 wines, sold by online business and to trade. Their director states that more and more producers are turning to organic methods and that business has never been stronger. He sees not a dramatic rise, but a steady climb. People buy organic wine for various reasons: for their health, the purity, the quality, for the benefit of the environment or just because of their favour for wine.




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