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Second congress in Zagreb / Croatia

by Redaktion (comments: 0)

The second congress in Zagreb dealt with important questions of the organic sector. The congress took place under the patronage of the President of the Republic in  December and was organized by Terra Viva in cooperation with the national Institute for Agricultural Technique and the Association of Organic producers of Zagreb. The main subject  was the question why the organic production in Croatia stagnated. This matter was discussed at a round table.  Other major issues were the system of certification, which was still too complex and needed to be changed, and other problems proucers had to face. Agriturism, beekeeping, the current situation concerning fruit and vegetables, composting, helpers in organic production and viniculture were, among other topics, also of interest.


It came clear that there was a high interest for the market as well as a demand for organic products, but adequate and active support from official institutions was still missing. This would be needed as a positive effect on the sector. Production processes have be to improved as well and the variety of products was not sufficient. Currently, there are 339 certified organic products (Croatian institute for technical assistance) in the country. 40 of those were present to introduce their products to the public. The visitors had a chance to get in contact with the producers and to taste and buy products directly on the exhibition.


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