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Sipal Partners launches new product

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Sipal Partners has been the marketing unit for Meurens Natural s.a. in Belgium and Sedamyl S.p.a. in Italy since 2002. As a specialist in non-refined organic cereal concentrates, the company’s latest product innovation is an organic rice concentrate as a basic ingredient for the production of vegetable drinks, with the taste of rice, natural sweetness and non allergenic properties. The Sipal range can be used for a variety of applications as sweetener, bulking agent, coating prevent, crystallisation, natural colouring or fat replacer in several products like biscuits, drinks, yoghurts, jams, breakfast foods, cereal bars, ice cream, baby food or bakery goods. There are 14 varieties of liquid syrups available, like wheat, manioc, corn, rice, barley, spelt as well as combinations. There is also a range of nine dehydrated syrups. Distributors are located in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Korea, US, UK, and France.


Thanks to an original and completely natural production process without using a conventional refining process, the numerous advantages of the cereal are preserved. The Sipal range has been awarded a large number of certifications and guarantees: EU, NOP, AB, Demeter, Kosher, OGM-free and gluten-free.



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