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Languedoc- Roussillon region represented at BioFach by the umbrella brand “Sud de France”

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In 2006, the umbrella brand “Sud de France” was introduced in Languedoc-Roussillon and also launched in the markets of China, Japan, Korea, Brazil and Mexico. In 2007, Sud de France became a presence in the European world of wine, and in 2008 marketing campaigns were carried out in Europe, with particular emphasis on Germany, and worldwide. Sud de France now comprises the best and most interesting wines of the region, making it easier for the consumer to recognise the wines originating in the area. At the same time, Sud de France is the expression of cultural heritage and the traditions associated with wine. (Picture: The town Roussillon gave a whole region its name)
In short, the Sud de France logo means a wine comes from the Languedoc-Roussillon region – a region well known for the skill of its wine producers, its Mediterranean climate and lifestyle, a terroir with exceptionally high potential and also an exceptionally varied product range. The overarching brand comprises 1,300 businesses, of which 755 (58 %) produce wine and 545
(42 %) are agricultural enterprises, and both sectors together account for 3,343 products.

Ten organic producers will be represented on the 130 m² Sud de France stand at this year’s BioFach. The stand has been designed with a new communication concept in mind, in colours typical of the organic industry and designed to heighten impact. The aim is aggressive and dynamic presentation of the region’s organic products. To raise their visibility even more, much will be happening on the stand: every day a different chef from the Languedoc-Roussillon region will be demonstrating his culinary skills to show the best way to prepare the local specialities.

Businesses affiliated to Sud de France at BioFach 2010

Alterbio France (Perpignan): after many years of experience as organic producers and selling fruit and vegetables, Jean-Pierre and Jean-Claude Mathaly founded the firm Alterbio France. This wholefood wholesaler sells fresh organic produce throughout Europe.

Le Sauzet (St Christol de Rodières): located at the foot of the Cevennes near the Ardèche, this wine grower also produces vinegar and spices.

Pro sain (Bages): a family enterprise that was founded in 1968 and specializes in the production of canned fruit and vegetable, ready meals, fruit juices and fruit jellies. Pro sain was one of the first firms to be certified organic in 1990.

Bioplanète (Bram): for 25 years, this oil mill has been producing organic oils of high quality (with toasted raw materials, argan, coconut, olives and blended oils) and specialities like linseed oil or olive oil with a dash of lemon. Another speciality is balsamico with olive oil. (Photo: Gerome Stremler)

Senfas (St Privat des Vieux): this company manufactures processed organic products and ready meals and also sells organic raw materials.

Domaine les Bastidettes (Mas Thibert): a family firm with 50 ha of olive trees that produce 50,000 litres of first class extra-virgin olive oil a year, olive paste spreads and dried tomatoes.

SLP (St Martin de Londres): this bread maker produces various bakery goods, ranging from toasted bread, wheat and rye breads and 6 grain bread to quinoa products.

Uni-vert (Manduel): founded in 1991, this is a group of producers of organic fruit and vegetables. They currently farm 150 ha, 30 of which are under glass, and they produce 900 t of fruit and vegetables and 5 million lettuces a year. Uni-vert says it is the market leader in organic lettuce in Europe.

Mas Saint Pierre (Millas): an olive farm that crops 30 ha and uses the latest techniques to ensure the traceability of its product. This oil mill is certified organic by Ecocert.
(Graphic: The development of organic businesses in the Languedoc-Roussillon region from 1995 – 2008)

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Sud de France: the brand that makes a difference

Sud de France has been the joint brand for the Languedoc-Roussillon region since 2006. The aim of this overarching brand is the make the many products of this region known to the public and to promote their sale in the national and international markets. Sud de France Export supports this initiative with measures like organizing specialist international trade fairs, arranging various agreements and international forums and other marketing strategies.

The affiliation with the Sud de France brand means that local producers benefit from a powerful commercial brand and joint efforts to raise consumer awareness of their products. The manufacturers, having understood the importance of this approach, have joined the brand in increasing numbers since it was created in 2006. Thus, Sud de France today comprises more than 1,300 wineries and food businesses - the majority are conventional – in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

This new sales strategy is based on the values embodied in Sud de France, namely the hospitality, diversity, naturalness and modernity that are the special characteristics of the regional cuisine. Today, “natural” is a central concept for a growing number of companies in Languedoc-Roussillon. These enterprises combine innovation and health with ethical guidelines and organic agriculture. The variety of agricultural products bearing the Sud de France logo means consumers can take pleasure in regional food, discover new gastronomic delights and enjoy a balanced diet.



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