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Austria: Strong increase of organic farming in Tyrol

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Cows grazing on an alpine pasture in Austria
On average, Austrian organic farms have ten cows. Photo © Pixabay

Organic farming is growing steadily in the Tyrol region, Austria. Around 190 organic farms in areas ranging from milk production to vegetable cultivation have been added in the last two years. More than 20 percent, i.e. over one fifth of farms in Tyrol, are now organic farms. And despite many restrictions, the tendency is still rising.

According to reports from the Tyrolean online portals and, the food market demands organic products. This provides Austrian organic farmers with better conditions for selling their products at a fair and good price. Within last years, the number of organic farmers was fluctuating. The Austrian Chamber of Agriculture (ACA, German: Landwirtschaftskammer) attributes this to previously lacking marketing opportunities, as the articles report. Today, marketing channels are more usable. However, Austria is dependent on foreign markets, such as the German market.

In Tyrol, milk is the main product. But there is also an upward trend in the organic fruit, vegetables and meat sectors. According to the ACA, a farm in Tyrol has an average of ten cows and many farmers in Tyrol are part-time farmers. Organic agriculture might fit in very well here and provides a good additional income. Furthermore, numerous farms take advantage of the opportunity to switch to organic farming. As an example, the Tyrolean ACA advises companies wishing to switch to organic farming.



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