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Berlin: Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference

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The Natural Cosmetics Conference attracts more people each year.

The Natural Cosmetics Conference attracts more people each year. Photo © Karin Heinze

The international cosmetics market is undergoing changes. Natural & organic cosmetics are continuing to be a growth driver and, thanks to continuing demand, a popular market segment. But the change is also bringing on a redefinition.

More and more newcomers, indie brands and “green“ products launched by conventional cosmetics companies are boosting the competition – with repercussions also affecting natural and organic cosmetics. The 11th edition of the international Natural & Organic Cosmetics Conference, held September 25-26, 2018, in Berlin, will once again put the focus on current topics of the industry.

“The international beauty market is very dynamic and undergoing major structural changes. It can be expected that the competition will increase due to new brands and „green“ products launched by the conventional cosmetics companies“, explains Elfriede Dambacher, Program Chairwoman of the Natural Cosmetics Conference. The increasing competition and the dynamic changes of the market are, however, creating new areas of tension. The increasing number of competitors vying for the patronage of natural cosmetics customers increases the pressure on the raw materials market, at the same time customer demands are not only focusing on the formulation of a product anymore, but also on ethical
values, diversity and the demand for personalized beauty.

Creative solutions for customer communication

Change-Management as a reaction to processes of change is gaining in significance to strengthen and expand market
positions. “Worldwide, the demand for milder cosmetic products is growing, but in order to benefit from that on a long-term basis, brands and retail need to adapt not only to the accelerating speed of change, but they also need creative solutions for customer communication“, states Wolf Lüdge, managing director naturkosmetik verlag, which hosts the
Natural Cosmetics Conference in cooperation with the NürnbergMesse.

How „change“ can be successfully implemented and customer loyalty be achieved amidst the digitalization seemingly proceeding at a breakneck speed will be a key topic of various presentations at the Natural Cosmetics Conference in September.

Other key topics of the Natural Cosmetics Conference:
• Value-based leadership in times of change
• Who will succeed the pioneers?
• Insights to current core markets of organic cosmetics
• Diversity – the code to the demands of various ethnic groups


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